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Forza I-GO Seniorenfahrzeug - autonome Mobilität für Senioren.

Forza Electric Motors AG - Offizieller Hauptimporteur!

NEUE 2024 !

  • Geschwindigkeit bis zu 45 km/h
  • Fahrbar ohne Führerschein bis zu 25 km/h
  • Fahrbar mit Führerschein bis zu 45 km/h
  • Reichweite bis zu 120 km
  • Besonderheit: MULTIMEDIA Car Play Display!
  • Herausnehmbare Lithium Batterie und Schnellladegerät
  • Geschwindigkeit bis zu 110 km/h
  • Fahrbar mit Führerschein A1
  • Reichweite bis zu 250 km
  • Besonderheit: Bluetooth, Cooler Look, Stauraum im «Tank»
  • Herausnehmbare Lithium Batterie und Schnellladegerät
  • Geschwindigkeit bis zu 80 km/h
  • Fahrbar mit Führerschein
  • Reichweite bis zu 180 km
  • Besonderheit: Bluetooth, Sport Look
  • Herausnehmbare Lithium Batterie und Schnellladegerät


Gewinne Elektroroller

8. Juni 2024

NEU! Eröffnung

8. Juni 2024

City Go X3

Multimedia Car Play Display
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Who is Easy Motors Schweiz?

Easy Motors Schweiz was founded in January 2016 (with headquarters in Switzerland) as one of Europe’s most significant production and wholesale companies. Easy Motors Schweiz produces and imports road-legal two, three, and four-wheeled electric vehicles under its brand. The national distribution in Switzerland & Liechtenstein is carried out through a distribution network with partners and sales through professional, specialized, and selected regional dealers. After the sale, as well as before the sale – in addition to the sales organization Easy Motors Schweiz has a national service network with its own workshops, where maintenance and repairs can be performed professionally with a factory warranty. The national spare parts warehouse provides a reliable supply of replacement parts. With a rapidly growing range of accessories, all your e-mobility needs are available around the clock in the online store. Your safety is our priority, so we continuously offer driving and theory courses on all aspects of e-mobility. You can find information about the courses available on our website regularly. Electromobility in all its facets is becoming increasingly popular in our society – we look forward to counting you among our customers.

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Regarding the latest generation of electric vehicles, we are your experts throughout Switzerland. With the electric scooter and electric motorbike, you will find the perfect means of transport for the ultimate driving experience. Do you prefer to ride your new e-motorcycle or e-scooter? We can also help you find the right electric vehicle for you and a 4-wheeled or mobility scooter for older people. Drivable from age 16, without a driving license or helmet, environmentally friendly with no CO² emissions, and with a driving range of more than 100 km, our electric vehicles are suitable for use on roads and cycle paths. Request your personalized and guaranteed competitive quote now and let our experienced staff advise you in our live chat.

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